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School Bulding

We, at Alpine Public School Khurja aim to nurture our student into physically fit mentally strong and emotionally balanced individuals who will excel as global citizens of tomorrow. For this purpose, a healthy and congenial environment is created to exploit the talent, lying latent. All endeavours are done to unlock the creative potential of young inquisitive minds. We wish to infuse in each child courage and capacity to fabricate their own dreams the determination to turn them into reality and the confidence to face all challenges that life may put before them.
Much has changed in past few years as we have progressed and bounds. Our Students are making a mark in all fields. Still great accolades are to be won in the years to come, not only in academics but in all fields. We are emphatic that to attain this we have to maintain very high standard of ethical, moral and spiritual values for 'expedients are for the hour, best principles are for the ages'.